Commercial Interiors

Akril sheet for commercial is a new source to inspire creative design re-shaping the way Architects create and design.

Versatile, colourful and durable. This coated, environmentally friendly engineered polymer is light-weight and easy to work with on-site, making it ideal in commercial fit-outs.

Akril splashbacks, sheets and wall panels are a highly engineered polymer enhanced with colour, which offers a new source of design inspiration.

This durable wall panel was originally developed as a cost effective alternative to painted glass, but its qualities of versatility, flexibility and workability allow it to stand alone in a range of domestic, commercial and display settings.

Being both more cost-effective and half the weight of painted glass is a great start for wall panelling: however, Akril has so much more to offer. Its ready availability and ease of installation reduces lead times and delays. It also has higher heat distortion than conventional polymers (up to 100 Celsius), which means it has many more applications. And what’s more, scratches can be polished out.

That’s brilliant.

Why Akril?

  • Durable
  • Very cost effective when compared to painted glass
  • Versatile, flexible and workable
  • Brilliant in domestic, commercial and display situations
  • High tech engineered polymer
  • Enhanced with colour
  • New source of design inspiration
  • Off the shell and readily available
  • Reduced lead times and delays
  • Higher heat resistance (80° Celsius)
  • A range of designer colours & surfaces
  • Scratches can be polished out of gloss surfaces
  • 10 year UV warranty