Heathrow Airport–T3

Bathroom, British Airways Lounge, Heathrow Airport–T3, British Airways

Akril an Australian owned product produced by Composite Materials Engineering has been specified and installed at London’s Heathrow Airport–T3 in the British Airways Lounge.
Based on architects YMR design Akril was select as a preference to glass and similar products.

Akril’s harder and repairable surface set it apart from similar products trialled, based on it’s performance. ‘Even though the surface could scratch, as do all product, the repairable surface of Akril is able to be brought back to its original state when damaged was a real plus when product selections were made’, according to Ben Hughes, General Manager for CME.

CME worked closely with Perry Chimes from Swift Horsman, according to Perry not only were the building team delighted with Akril but the client was also very happy with the result the panel achieved, ‘Akril was very cost effective and much easier to work with than colourback glass’.

Overall the project has been very successful being awarded a certificate of excellence from the AIS.