Polymer Splashbacks

The Range
  • Nexion


  • Copper


  • Coffee Smoke

    Coffee Smoke

  • Chestnut Wallpaper

    Chestnut Wallpaper

  • Watercolour


  • Morocco


  • Coy Lillies

    Coy Lillies

  • Red Brick

    Red Brick

  • Subway Tile

    Subway Tile

  • Victorian Tile

    Victorian Tile

  • Butcher Block

    Butcher Block

  • Georgian Tile

    Georgian Tile

  • Crop Circles

    Crop Circles

  • Ocean Fractal

    Ocean Fractal

  • Ocean Wave

    Ocean Wave

  • Blur


  • Bokeh


  • Forest Magic

    Forest Magic

  • Crayon


  • Bluegrass


  • Wheat Grass

    Wheat Grass

  • Christmas Flower

    Christmas Flower

  • Dandelion Drops

    Dandelion Drops

  • Manhattan


  • Paris


Akril Select Range

Akril kitchen splashbacks are half the weight of glass and 25% more impacts resistant, as it will not shatter when hit with force. Hence it is a logical alternative for providing a safe environment for families.

You can cut, drill, plane or polish kitchen splashbacks without the fear of damage to the vibrant images on offer. You can install splashbacks directly behind Electric, Induction or Ceramic cooktops. Use behind gas cooktops with the use of a minimum 150mm non-combustible material (using our glass inserts or stainless steel) the width of your cooktop.

Note: “Colour variation between batches can occur, we recommend you order all sheets at the same time”

Features & Benefits

  • Unique, high-tech polymer
  • Adhere with a 100% clear neutral cure silicone
  • Hi-Gloss finish
  • 10-year UV warranty
  • Available off-the-shelf
  • Can be colour-matched to suit (depending on product scale)
  • Scratched resistant
  • Scratches can be polished out
  • Easy to work – easy to install
  • Highest chemical resistance in category
  • Higher heat distortion (upto 80 degrees celcius)
  • Lighter, more cost-effective than painted glass
  • Environmentally friendly: recyclable/ lower energy/ than glass to produce
  • 100% recyclable
  • Builders have on-site control
  • 25 times more impact resistant than glass
  • Available in various sizes
  • Not grout to clean
  • High quality design

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