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Akril Wall Niche

Akril Wall Niche is a self supporting waterproof shower system manufactured from Torbex©. With three sizes available in niche, our niches provide the convenience of a shower rack without the clutter.

Torbex© is a high strength long glass fibre composite material which is designed and developed specifically for use in shower trays and niches. Torbex© is produced by Australia’s largest manufacturer of composite materials.


Single Cavity Niche
Single Cavity
(407mm × 356mm x 98mm)
Single Cavity Niche 1
Single Cavity
(407mm × 508mm x 98mm)
Double Cavity Niche
Double Cavity
(407mm × 508mm x 98mm)


Product Width Height Depth Code
Torbex© Single Cavity 407mm 356mm 98mm 54760
Torbex© Single Cavity 407mm 508mm 98mm 54761
Torbex© Double Cavity 407mm 508mm 98mm 54762


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