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Tile Over Shower Trays Sizes


Rear Outlet design Tile Trays Grate Design Tile Trays
900 x 900mm Rear Outlet 900 x 900mm Rear Grate
1200 x 900mm Rear Outlet 1200 x 900mm Rear Grate
900 x 1200mm Rear Grate
1500 x 1000mm Rear Grate
1800 x 1000mm Rear Grate
2100 x 1000mm Rear Grate

*contact us for new tile tray sizes

Punched Grates, Wire Style Grates and Tile Insert Grates
840mm 1140mm 1160mm 1430mm
Round chrome drain cover
Square chrome drain cover
Tile insert chrome adjustable square drain cover

Tile Tray Dimensions

NOTE: - All Perimeter measurements from
       Outside edge to Outside edge
       - All Internal Measurements from Inside Edge